Tuesday, November 10, 2015

No Adam and your legion of hackey writers, the Electoral College doesn't ruin democracy

Democracy is already a ruinous system. It is the tyranny of the majority and the terror of minorities. It's hilarious how something that, by definition, tramples the aspirations of the minority through threats and violence is taken for granted as a good thing. Even the word undemocratic is a pejorative. Incidentally, it's always bothered me when a media outlet calls a government they don't like a regime. The Assad regime for instance. How that sort of editorial slant makes it past the style books, I don't know.

If I were writing bots that trawled the news to do some sort of analysis for feeding trading algorithm bots, noting a change in reporting from "[Demonym] Government" to "[LastNameGovernmentLeader] regime]" would be a good shorting strategy. Probably means it's time for a regime change and for the US to spread some democracy.

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