Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dear Diary, today the government changed for the better

Not "my" government.* The Chinese government. They relaxed their draconian and suicidal One-Child Policy in favor of a two-child limit. It makes sense considering the demographic implications of a steeper or even upside down population pyramid.

On the day I wrote an earlier post about my doubts regarding the rise of China, a debate was taking place at the Intelligence Squared US forum on that topic. It's not synchronicity because the clock for every Asian reads "Time for China". Or maybe that was Made in China.

As is usual, the wrong side "won" the IQ Squared debate. The side arguing that China is going to be a long term enemy gave far better arguments that China and the US are going to be long term enemies. Ultimately I think they are wrong, but the arguments the other side provided ran along the lines of "is fate unchangeable?"

Nostalgia compels a 10/10 rating

In other news, the ever myopic US defense establishment has selected Northrup to build the next stealth bomber. Back during the days when the B2 was the most expensive aircraft ever built (it still is), no one would have thought "well, let's just go with these guys again". But then, who could have foreseen the rise of two defense companies inept enough and wasteful enough to make Northrup look good.

Part of me wishes that my beloved YF-23, the star of Jetfighter II, could have survived into a stealth strike platform. What a beautiful plane that was. 

* I didn't vote for any of these people to rule over me.

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